HTML Viewer

It is a multi-functional HTML source viewer.
You can view the source code by URLs, and of course, you can also view the source code from Safari’s share button.
Since it is the latest version of the app, it covers almost all the features of other apps.

[Features & Functions]

– Browser and source code switching.
– Multi-tab browsing.
– Display bookmarks and history.
– Search for keywords in the source code.
– Switch between static and dynamic HTML.
– Changing the user agent.
– Display non-HTML languages.
– Use the cloud, such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.
– Use local files in the iPhone and iPad.
– Balanced light operation.

[View source code]

– About 90 different design themes available.
– Change the font, size and line spacing.
– Switch between static and dynamic HTML.
– Support for almost all programming languages (over 180).


Classic Films

You can watch some of the best films of yesteryear.
Because they are in the public domain, there are no restrictions on viewing.
Enjoy these nostalgic masterpieces of cinema.


Feature Films
Sci-Fi / Horror
Comedy Films
Silent Films
Film Noir


Instant SMS

You can easily get disposable phone number for SMS without registration.
Disposable SMS phone numbers can be used to receive registration messages from Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Alipay and more.
It’s very secure because you can receive messages without exposing your private phone number.

[Useful at times like this]

– When a temporary telephone number is required for trial registration of the service.
– When you want to receive SMS anonymously.
– When you need a phone number for SMS in a hurry.
– When you want to receive a message without giving your private phone number.

[Simple Usage]

1. A disposable SMS phone number is automatically assigned when the app starts.
2. Give the sender the disposable phone number.
3. You can receive the sent SMS messages while the app is running.
4. A different phone number will be assigned each time you launch the app.


Just Notify!

Use notifications instead of notes!
This application can send notifications without calendar app.
Specializes in managing notifications only, so you can easily set up notifications.
Notifications can be sent at specified dates, times, intervals, and locations.

[Useful at times like this]

– Notify to buy medicine when you approach the pharmacy.
– Notify to remember your friends birthday.
– Notify to break every 60 minutes during work.

[Notification contents]

– Title
– Text
– Image

[Specifiable trigger settings]

– Date and time
– Day of the week
– Month
– Every Day, Month, Year
– Time interval
– Address
– Location name
– Location on map
– Distance to location
– Repeat



This app is a very unique app like no other.
You can place horizontal scrolling text on the video.
You can express the video description, feelings and subtitles in real time.
Edit unique videos you have never seen before!

[Easy usage]

1. Import videos from the library or camera.
2. Enter text at the timing you want to insert on the video.
3. Share the edited video.

[Editable text style]

– Text string
– Text size
– Text position
– Text color
– Text duration
– Text time


Ox Dictionary

Ox dictionary application is a standard dictionary application to let love around the world.
Over 30 kinds of standard dictionaries are installed in this application worldwide.
If you install this dictionary, you can say that it can handle nearly all dictionary searches.


– Eliminate complicated functions as much as possible, making it an interface that is simple and easy to use.
– By minimizing screen transitions, it is a screen configuration suitable for continuous retrieval.
– In addition to keyboard search, you can search using the camera’s text recognition, speech recognition function.


– Standard keyboard search.
– History search.
– Automatic text recognition search by camera.
– Automatic speech recognition search by microphone.

[Installed dictionary list]

– British English
– American English
– Apple dictionary
– Arabic – English
– Simplified Chinese
– Simplified Chinese – English
– Traditional Chinese
– Traditional Chinese – English
– Danish
– Dutch
– Dutch – English
– French
– French – English
– German
– German – English
– Hebrew
– Hindi
– Hindi – English
– Italian
– Italian – English
– Japanese
– Japanese English
– Korean
– Korean – English
– Norwegian
– Portuguese
– Portuguese – English
– Russian
– Russian – English
– Spanish
– Spanish – English
– Swedish
– Thai
– Turkish


Moves Lite

Moves Lite is the pedometer that automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise.
Because it is simple, it operates lightly and consumes almost no batteries.
Since you can check the daily health status with notifications, it will help you to create your healthy lifestyle.


– Just carry your iPhone or iPad, it automatically tracks activity.
– If the application is suspended, it will automatically continue tracking.
– You can check the route that you moved on the map.
– Because it has no unnecessary function, it consumes almost no battery.

[How to use]

When you first start up, you will be asked for permission to access the activity sensor and location data, so please allow.
Tracking starts automatically after launching.
On the main screen you can check the activities of today.
On the calendar screen, you can check past activity.
On the map screen, you can check the route you moved.

[Tracking activities]

  – Number of steps
  – Activity distance (meters, miles)
  – Activity time
  – Calories consumed


AR Compass

Did you experience the world of AR?
This application displays a compass in real space and navigates accurate movement.
Even in the city you visit for the first time you will never get lost!

In addition, this application also has an advanced professional function that can accurately acquire azimuth, latitude and longitude, altitude information and so on.
Let’s experience the world of AR!

[How to use]

When you first start up, you will be asked for permission to access the camera and location information, so please OK.
Location information will be used only while the app is running.
The AR compass will be displayed in the real world captured by the camera.
You can also display a map on the screen.


– When you get lost and you do not know the direction.
– When you move a place you visit for the first time.
– When you want to know the direction of the building that you can see.
– When you want to know accurate location information anyway.


– Choose true north, magnetic north
– Change compass display style
– Display map, change size
– Acquisition of azimuth angle
– Acquisition of latitude and longitude
– Acquisition of altitude information
– Acquisition of address


Currency Converter

This is an easy and powerful currency conversion application specialized for ease of use and readability. More than 150 currencies and exchange rates are available. The speaking function of the calculation result is very convenient for traveling abroad. You can quickly confirm using the registration function of the favorite currency pair and the history function of the calculation result.
Because it can calculate offline, it is safe even while traveling overseas. Receiving radio waves at startup will be updated to the latest exchange rate.

[Main functions]

  – Currency conversion of selected currency pair.
  – Calculation when offline.
  – Voice function of calculation result.
  – Language selection of speaking voice.
  – Search currency by word.
  – Register your favorite currency pair.
  – Display the history list of calculation results.

[About currency]

  – Covers almost 150 global currencies.
  – Equipped with precious metal data such as gold and silver.


  – It will be automatically updated to the latest exchange rate at startup.
  – If offline at startup, it is calculated using the last acquired data.
  – Manual update of exchange rate is optional.


Sound FX

Easy for everyone! You can add sound effects to videos for free!
To use it just import a movie and tap the sound effect icon!
Fun production for movies with more than 100 sound effects!

[Major features]

– More than 100 kinds of sound effects, such as laughter, applause, animal’s barking sound.
– Voice recording with iPhone, iPad microphone.
– Fetching your favorite music freely.
– Save the created movie as a file.
– Share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. SNS.

[Simple Usage]

1. Import movies from Photo Library or Camera.
2. While playing the movie, tap the icon at the place you want to add a sound effect.
3. Tap the record button if you want to add a voice.
4. Select music from Music Library.
5. After editing, you can save and share.

[Operation screen]

– Swipe thumbnail images to control the playback position of the movie.
– If you want to delete sound effects, press and hold the icon.
– You can drag sound effect icons and recorded sounds.
– Videos being edited are saved as drafts.


Hoi Poi email

You can easily get free e-mail address without registration.
In addition to receiving e-mails, you can also send and reply.
Because the usage period is short, you do not receive spam or fraudulent e-mail.
In case of emergency, there is no loss by installing this application!

[Useful at times like this]

– When you need to temporarily register a e-mail address when registering various services.
– When you want to send e-mail anonymously.
– When an emergency e-mail address is required.
– When communicating with someone who you do not want to tell your e-mail address of normally using.
– There are a lot of other your free usage in addition.

[Simple Usage]

1. Introduction you installed the application, your e-mail address will be issued automatically.
2. Please freely receive and send e-mail.
3. After 10 minutes from e-mail address acquisition, it is automatically switched to a new e-mail address.
4. You can also acquire a new e-mail address by hand before 10 minutes from acquisition.

[Main functions that can be used free of charge]

  – Automatic acquisition of e-mail address.
  – Receive, create, send, reply, forward, resend e-mail.
  – E-mail address change.

[What is “Hoi Poi”?]

In Japanese, there is a meaning such as “immediately”, “easy”, “discard”.



It is the best radio music application.
Because it is simple, it works lightly.
You can play over 10,000 radio stations.


  – Search the radio from the music genre.
  – Search by free word.
  – Unlimited favorite preservation.

  – Why can I use it for free?
-> Because this app plays streaming radio stations all over the world which are released free of charge, you can use for free.

– Why does this app work lightly and high sound quality?
  -> It does not do unnecessary communication such as sending and receiving of movies, etc. It communicates only for purely radio reproduction, so you can play back lightly with high sound quality.

[Music genre]

’70s Retro
’80s Flashback
’90s Hits
Adult Contemporary
Alternative Rock
Classic Rock
Golden Oldies
Hard Rock / Metal
Hip Hop / Rap
International / World
News / Talk Radio
Reggae / Island
RnB / Soul
Sports Radio
Top 40 / Pop


Nose Hair

You can take the funny nose hair pictures easily!
This app has a lot of nose hair items!
Let’s surprise your friends by adding nose hair!

[How to use]

– Take a picture of yourself or your friend’s face.
– The nose hair will be added by face recognition function.
– Save the nose hair photos and share them to your friends.


– Many nose hair items are available.
– The photo filters makes the photos cool or beautiful.
– You can adjust the position and size of nose hair by drag operation.


Shutter Button

You will not miss a sudden shutter opportunity. You can start shooting directly from the application icon on the home screen or from the widget. You can definitely shoot pictures you do not want to miss!

[How to use]

When you first start up, you are asked for permission to access the camera and photo, so please be OK. Automatic shooting starts from the second and subsequent startup. Automatic shooting can be canceled at any time.


– Simultaneous shooting starts with the camera as it starts up.
– Automatically save photos.
– Shoot with the highest image quality of iPhone and iPad.
– You can use silent switch on the side of the iPhone or iPad.
– Can zoom larger than standard camera.
– You can shoot in the dark with continuous flash.
– All troublesome settings are OK with the camera enabled.
– It is safe because it is equipped with functions equivalent to standard cameras (auto focus, auto exposure compensation, auto white balance).
– It can also be launched from the widget.


Beauty Mirror

You can use the display as a hand mirror. It is a simple application with only necessary functions.

– The entire screen can be displayed as a mirror!
– Fast startup as it is simple!
– Adjust brightness and zoom!
– Completely hide all parts such as buttons!
– Can be displayed in high image quality!


Healing Sound

Natural environment sounds moisturize our lives.
Just tap the image to use. It is a free application of beautiful design that you can relax with the sound of rain, sound of waves, etc.

– 20 different high quality sounds
– Lots of beautiful photos
– Auto Turn Off with Easy Timer Setting
– Play in the background while locking or while using other applications

Simple Multi Timer

It is the simplest multitimer.
– We have omitted any unnecessary functions.
– Works in the background.
– Notified during locking.

Simple QR Code Reader

It is the simplest QR code reader. We have omitted any unnecessary functions.
– Open URL in browser application.
– Open the email in the mail application.
– Open the phone number with the call application.
– Copy the text.
– LED light can be used.

Simple Timer

It is the simplest timer.
– We have omitted any unnecessary functions.
– Works in the background.
– Notified by notification during locking.