Currency Converter

This is an easy and powerful currency conversion application specialized for ease of use and readability. More than 150 currencies and exchange rates are available. The speaking function of the calculation result is very convenient for traveling abroad. You can quickly confirm using the registration function of the favorite currency pair and the history function of the calculation result.
Because it can calculate offline, it is safe even while traveling overseas. Receiving radio waves at startup will be updated to the latest exchange rate.

[Main functions]

  – Currency conversion of selected currency pair.
  – Calculation when offline.
  – Voice function of calculation result.
  – Language selection of speaking voice.
  – Search currency by word.
  – Register your favorite currency pair.
  – Display the history list of calculation results.

[About currency]

  – Covers almost 150 global currencies.
  – Equipped with precious metal data such as gold and silver.


  – It will be automatically updated to the latest exchange rate at startup.
  – If offline at startup, it is calculated using the last acquired data.
  – Manual update of exchange rate is optional.