Moves Lite

Moves Lite is the pedometer that automatically tracks your everyday life and exercise.
Because it is simple, it operates lightly and consumes almost no batteries.
Since you can check the daily health status with notifications, it will help you to create your healthy lifestyle.


– Just carry your iPhone or iPad, it automatically tracks activity.
– If the application is suspended, it will automatically continue tracking.
– You can check the route that you moved on the map.
– Because it has no unnecessary function, it consumes almost no battery.

[How to use]

When you first start up, you will be asked for permission to access the activity sensor and location data, so please allow.
Tracking starts automatically after launching.
On the main screen you can check the activities of today.
On the calendar screen, you can check past activity.
On the map screen, you can check the route you moved.

[Tracking activities]

  – Number of steps
  – Activity distance (meters, miles)
  – Activity time
  – Calories consumed