AR Compass

Did you experience the world of AR?
This application displays a compass in real space and navigates accurate movement.
Even in the city you visit for the first time you will never get lost!

In addition, this application also has an advanced professional function that can accurately acquire azimuth, latitude and longitude, altitude information and so on.
Let’s experience the world of AR!

[How to use]

When you first start up, you will be asked for permission to access the camera and location information, so please OK.
Location information will be used only while the app is running.
The AR compass will be displayed in the real world captured by the camera.
You can also display a map on the screen.


– When you get lost and you do not know the direction.
– When you move a place you visit for the first time.
– When you want to know the direction of the building that you can see.
– When you want to know accurate location information anyway.


– Choose true north, magnetic north
– Change compass display style
– Display map, change size
– Acquisition of azimuth angle
– Acquisition of latitude and longitude
– Acquisition of altitude information
– Acquisition of address