Hoi Poi email

You can easily get free e-mail address without registration.
In addition to receiving e-mails, you can also send and reply.
Because the usage period is short, you do not receive spam or fraudulent e-mail.
In case of emergency, there is no loss by installing this application!

[Useful at times like this]

– When you need to temporarily register a e-mail address when registering various services.
– When you want to send e-mail anonymously.
– When an emergency e-mail address is required.
– When communicating with someone who you do not want to tell your e-mail address of normally using.
– There are a lot of other your free usage in addition.

[Simple Usage]

1. Introduction you installed the application, your e-mail address will be issued automatically.
2. Please freely receive and send e-mail.
3. After 10 minutes from e-mail address acquisition, it is automatically switched to a new e-mail address.
4. You can also acquire a new e-mail address by hand before 10 minutes from acquisition.

[Main functions that can be used free of charge]

  – Automatic acquisition of e-mail address.
  – Receive, create, send, reply, forward, resend e-mail.
  – E-mail address change.

[What is “Hoi Poi”?]

In Japanese, there is a meaning such as “immediately”, “easy”, “discard”.